Hardwood floors can be for everyone

The handsome elegance found in hardwood flooring is one of the most highly sought after characteristics of the material. Available in a variety of hues and other options, it is a perfect match for many different decor schemes and can easily live through a few trend changes as well. It’s highly durable and has a lifespan that averages about 100 years, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the other benefits as well. For instance, when other homeowners are getting ready to purchase a replacement floor, you’ll only just be getting ready for your first refinishing project.

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Hardwood options and benefits

If you’ve seen many hardwood floors in person, then you already know the enormous amount of personalization that can go into these floors. In addition to the many benefits they offer, they can also be considered a work of art in many respects, adding amazing personality to any space to which they are added. With a little tweaking, you can also have a personalized floor in place in no time, with a great depth of character.

Choosing the perfect species is an excellent way to start this customization, but make sure you choose wisely. Busier households need something stronger and harder, such as American Cherry or Oak, while spaces with less traffic can use much softer woods. Choosing the right species can help to maintain the length of lifespan available to you and can even push back the need to have your floors refinished.

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Style your home with hardwood stains & finishes

Special colors and finish choices are other ways in which these floors can be customized. Having your floors finished on site will give you many more options in colors, even though installation will take a bit longer as well. Prefinished materials offer a quicker install, but less stain color options. Finishes add an amazing look to your floors but they can also be protective in nature as well. For instance, hand scraped finishes can hide scratches, scuffs, and other dings that are commonly found on high gloss finishes.