Prepping your floors for installation


How to prepare your floors for installation

Planning for a flooring project may be hectic, but with adequate preparations, the process can be easy. Whether you install wood, laminate, vinyl, or carpet they all require an organized planning process.

Children and pets

To ensure the safety of your pets or children it is best to keep them away from the job site. The installers do their best to make sure all doors and gates are shut behind them, however, while they carry material in, it is difficult to ensure no pets escape the home. All our installers use tools that may be dangerous to pets or children, therefore it is imperative they stay a safe distance away from anything that may be harmful.



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In order for us to properly install, all rooms need to be emptied. Carpet Wholesalers is a company focused on flooring. All of our installers are in their forties and moving furniture is extraneous labor. Carpet Wholesalers will move furniture at an extra cost depending on the item. However, in order for us to move furniture for a customer we require furniture must be empty. No personal items on the top of any surface that we will be moving, if an installer has to separate individual personal items off of the furniture expected to move there will be an extra charge. If we have to break any furniture down and put it back together there will be an extra charge. If you have furniture that you are unable to move, call and speak to the stores immediately to discuss prices and which items will need to be moved.

Carpet Wholesalers understands that some homes may not have the ability to have every room cleared at the time of install. If the customer is at home at the time of install and can move the furniture from room to room themselves as the installer is laying the floor, there would be no extra charge.

Furniture that we won’t move:

  • Pool Tables
  • Safes
  • Antiques
  • Electronics / Computers / TVs
  • Pianos
  • Aquarium
  • Exercise equipment

Bi-Fold Doors:
Closet doors can be notorious for not going back to the original state, our installers will make every effort to reset doors properly but you may need to make some final adjustments.

Water and gas hook-ups

The customer is responsible for connecting and disconnecting gas lines and water lines. Our recommendation is to find a professional to complete these services for you.

Transitions / Height differences with new material

Transitions are used to connect one type of flooring to another type of flooring. Typically they are in doorways or hallways. Our managers while they are measuring will look to see if you currently have any transitions, however, if you are switching to a different type of floor it can be difficult to know what type of transition you will need until after the job has started. All of our locations have an in-stock selection to choose from, we also have the availability to special order any specific colors you would like. Call and speak to any sales representative to discuss pricing and different options.
Prepping your floors for installation in Northwest, OH from Carpet Wholesalers


Each store works hard trying to give the most accurate estimate to what the company believes the project will demand. However, when the manager enters a home for a measurement, they can only see surface level issues. If you are aware of any subfloor imperfections, pet odors, or anything that you believe may present an issue during the installation process please bring it to the attention of the manager during time of measurement. If any unforeseen issues arise, Carpet Wholesalers will present recommended options based on their professional opinion. Unforeseen floor preparation is something that can delay the installation of any project. Therefore, it is a possibility that installers are put behind schedule due to completing unforeseen floor prep. Due to this issue, Carpet Wholesalers reserves the right to change and or move installation times and days to accommodate the schedule.